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Bharath Hospital has a full-fledged emergency department. Bharath Hospital also has the reputation of being one of the fastest responding hospitals in an emergency. Whether it is a heart attack, ruptured appendix, sudden diabetic coma or a traumatic accident, it is possibly the safest place to come to for prompt medical attention.

Bharath Hospital has been catering to various medical emergencies by appropriate Triaging, resuscitation and stabilization followed by suitable investigations. Besides, all the department is fully equipped to carry out any procedures. Round the clock ambulance service is available which is equipped with a mobile ICU- set-up. to transport critical patients .

Doctors in this Department

  • Dr.Rajesh Menon MBBS MD
  • Dr.Rajeeb Muhammed MBBS MD
  • Dr.Aparna Chandrasekhar MBBS MD
  • Dr. Suresh G. A. MD. DM
  • Dr. Mathew Jose MD. DM
  • Dr. Renjith Koshy Eapen M.B.B.S AFMC), POA Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine, CMC Vellore.

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