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Voluson 730 features these image enhancement innovations to help you obtain excellent images

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Advanced Voluson 2D and 3D/4D

Transducers to help you achieve excellent image quality and meet a wide variety of clinical needs.

View Point

View Point* is GE Healthcare’s powerful ultrasound data and image management solution that can be added for easy archiving, reporting, and more.

4D View

Our innovative software allows you to create an offline workstation to optimize, manipulate, and analyze your volume ultrasound data, freeing your ultrasound machine to image more patients.

Full-size, pencil-beam system Comprehensive suite of BMD and total body composition tools Enhanced connectivity and productivity solutions, including:

Smart Scan

Automatically recognizes anatomical landmarks and maps out scan path, minimizing acquisition time

One Scan

Performs AP Spine and Dual Femur exams without requiring patient repositioning between scans Customizable, automated reporting to help manage patient care.

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