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Computerized tomography scan (CT Scan) aides the clinician to diagnose and treat a lot of condition affecting the human body.

Its advantages is the rapid and high resolution imaging of the entire body within few seconds, which is a boon especially for trauma cases, acutely ill patients and children. Another major advantage is the non-invasive imaging of blood vessels of the heart which enable speedy diagnosis of heart disease.

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Advantages of 750 HD CT SCAN

Highest possible quality with lowest radiation dose to the patient is a dream to attain.Today the introduction of CT 750 HD has revolutionized this concept. This is made possible by new detector platform – Called “GEM STONE” Imaging. The gem stone detector has straight way improved spatial resolution by 33% across the entire body.The new image reconstruction technique ASIRI reduces radiation dose as high as 50%.

Advantages of CT 750 HD compared to existing 64 slices/ 128 slices/ 320 slices CT Scanner

  • Unmatched image clarity and detail
  • Noise reduction
  • Artifact reduction especially form metallic implants
  • Subtraction of calcium from iodine, so that a confident angiographic diagnosis can be made in heavily calcified vessel
  • Dual energy acquisition from a single CT enabling separation of materials such as water, calcium and bone. Spectral imaging is a reality today helping radiologist.
  • Comprehensive assessment of stroke patients – contrast CT, CT Angiography and CT perfusion can be performed with a angle acquisition, enabling decision making for vessel revascularization.
  • Viscative small vessels for proximal to distal.
  • Accurately quantify vascular narrowing in coronary and peripheral vessels.
  • Stents are imaged with more detail due to artifact reduction.
  • New application in oncology, cardiology and neurology like body perfusion.

In short CT 750HD means

  • Dazzling detail
  • Crystal Clarity
  • Remarkable results at a lowest possible radiation dose.

Bharath Hospitals is proud to announce the launch of this new revolutionary CT from GE Medical systems, which will be the first of its kind in Kerala.

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