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Bharath Hospital has added another golden feature to its cap, by opening Bharath Scans- acentre for comprehensive diagnostic imaging and image guided interventions. This is a multimodality radiological imaging centre which can boldly boast of several “First Ever” features in Kottayam.

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Bharath Scans- Several ‘First Ever’ features in Kottayam.

  • Latest state of the art 1.5T MRI scan with cardiac imaging
  • MR Mammography .
  • Dexa Scan (Bone Density Scan)
  • Digital Mammography.
  • 4D/2D Ultrasound Scan or Doppler

These are the some of the unique features of Bharath Scans apart from the routine traditional imaging modalities.

Our Equipments include

  • GE 1.5 T optima MRI scanner
  • GE DMR Plus Digital Mammography
  • GE – Computer Radiography
  • GE Voluson Pro.4D/ 2D Ultrasound Scan with Doppler
  • GE Brivo- Multislice CT
  • GE DPX NP – Dexa scan

Services offered:

Our Equipments include

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